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Sikh Hymns For Schools

Sikh Hymns for schools bookThis dual text Sikh Hymns (for Schools) book and audio cassettes are the first of' its kind in print. This book has been especially written to fulfil the Sikh needs under the Education Act I992 which requires the schools to provide the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education to all the pupils in order to prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life. lt contains 2l hymns which are selected from Sikh Scriptures. These hymns are transliterated, translated and notated in Western form. Two pre-recorded audio cassettes are also provided which would be of immense value to all the teachers, parents and pupils whether they are familiar with the original text Punjabi or not.

It's author, Mrs. Gurdev Kaur is a renowned musician and teacher with wide experience of Great Britain and that of India. She has written a number of books for infant, Primary and Secondary schools which have been highly appreciated. Any monolingual or bilingual person with no previous knowledge of music/singing can use it very confidently and efficiently. lt is written far both types of people, the ones who can read music and play some instruments and others who can't. The cassettes with hymns are for the people who just want to sing along. 

Nothing has been over looked in making this enjoyable.

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